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Trademarks Work On A First-Come, First-Serve Basis So Get Federal Protection Today

Step 1: Pick A Trademark Package

We offer a Trademark Package that fit any client’s needs. Here is a quick breakdown of what you get:

  • We will file your Trademark application for you.
  • We will do extensive research on the USPTO database before filing to avoid any delays or speedbumps.
  • We will answer any Office Actions from the USPTO to get the mark approved.

Step 2: Fill Out The Form

By answering the questions in our Trademark form, we will have everything we need to properly apply for your Trademark and ensure your brand is as protected as possible. The form takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Here’s what we’ll need:

  1. Your Business Information
  2. Examples Of Your Trademark In Use
  3. Ownership Details

That’s all we will need from you!

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Step 3: Your Application Is Filed

With the information from the form and your submitted examples, we will conduct our research and apply for your Trademark. The process is not over then, but we will be there at every step! From there, our team will:

  • Respond to Office Actions
  • Respond to Notice of Oppositions
  • Deliver You The Certificate of Registration

Pick Your Trademark Package

Trademark Package

Complete Extensive Research,
File Application,
Answer Any Office Actions.

Trademark Watch

AI-Monitoring of Your Mark,
Regular Reporting,
Send Cease and Desist On Your Behalf.

Speak To An Attorney About Trademarking

We know you’ll have questions. That’s why we offer a free consultation where you can speak to an attorney about your trademarking options. No sales pitch, just honest conversation.

Why Work With LegalEye?

Our Trademark process is unmatched. We ask the right questions and do the right research.

With LegalEye, you are getting the team of attorneys behind it to handle every aspect of the Trademark process.

We ae upfront about your chances of success, as we are completely transparent about how Trademarks work.

This is why we encourage everyone to start right away, and trust a five-star rated firm in LegalEye, the business arm of Fisher Stone.

Our Trademark Package


$1497includes 1 USPTO class
  • Application Filing
  • Extensive Research Before Filing
  • Professional Odds of Success
  • Minor Office Action Responses
  • Major Office Action Responses
  • Notice of Opposition Responses
  • Final Mark Approval

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Trademark?

Right now, the USPTO timeline is anywhere from 9 to 12 months to register a trademark. Those who apply are facing an 8 month wait for the USPTO to assign someone to examine their mark. Once an examiner is assigned, they will issue a response within a few days. Once the mark is approved by the examiner, the mark will go through 6 weeks of publishing for opposition. This is the time period where those, who believe you shouldn’t be granted the trademark, can file a notice of opposition to argue their case.

How Long Does A Trademark Last?

Technically, trademarks don’t expire, but they can lose their enforceable rights. Between the 5th and 6th anniversary, you must submit a declaration of use, also known as a section 8 declaration. This is a sworn statement that the trademark is still in use by the owner. Then on the 10th anniversary, the owner must file a section 8 and 9 declaration which now includes a list of goods and services in connection with the trademark and a specimen  of the trademark in use. This declaration must then be filed every 10 years.

Can I Trademark A Name?

Yes, you can trademark a name as long as the name is used in conjunction with goods or services. When trademarking a person’s name, you must either disclaim that the name isn’t of someone currently living, or you must submit an signed affidavit stating that use of the name is acceptable.