Website Accesibility

Learn How A Simple Widget Can Open Your Website For Millions And Protect You From Lawsuits

Step 1: We Check Your Site

We will do an initial audit of your site to check for accessibility issues, missing tags, and alt text. This gives us a better idea of your accessibility needs and how our widget could help.

We will generate a report of your home page so you can get an idea of what accessibility issues your website may be having and how they can affect you.

Step 2: Add The Widget

LegalEye has partnered with Userway to provide a website widget that not only adds accessibility options for your website for different impairments, but also actively fixes the issues and missing information your website may be having.

Installing this widget is incredibly easy as it is only one line of code needed for your entire website. We can walk you through it or you can have your web developer add it for you.

Step 3: The Widget Goes To Work

The widget is powered by AI, meaning that it is programmed to know exactly what accessibility features need fixing.

AI scans each page, and adds alt-text to links, images, and videos. In addition, it corrects headings, labels form, and much more. This all happens instantly, without needing your attention.

Your website is now accessible for millions more with disabilities!

Key Benefits

Those with disabilities may be trying to access your website, ensure you are completely compliant

One Widget Fixes All

With one simple line of code on your website, our accessibility widget allows those with any impairments to alter your website to their needs.


The widget not only allows users to adjust the site, it patches issues on your site in real-time so your users never experience an issue.

Become ADA Compliant

As a business website, you are expected to be accessible to all, much like a storefront. Increase your reach by allowing millions to comfortably use your site.

the words Accessibility Menu written in English, German, and French in floating text bubbles

Accessibility Is A Legal Issue Around The Globe

Hundreds of Lawsuits, Thousands of Demand Letters, Across Multiple Continents.

Large Corporations are being sued for failure to provide accessible web and mobile content for its consumers. Small businesses are being issued demand letters for restitution after failing to meet basic accessibility requirements. Licensed and medical professionals are receiving complaints against their practice for being inaccessible for patients.

Not only is web accessibility the right thing to do, it is the smart business decision.

How It Works

Watch this short video to see some of the ways the widget works in real time.

Accessibility Functions That Put Users In Control

a list of functions for the accessibility widget

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does accessibility matter?

First, because of course it matters. Millions of people with disabilities should have the right to access a website with proper accommodations. Secondly, having a properly accessible site creates more opportunities for visitors and protects your business from lawsuits.

Is accessibility important in my industry?

Almost all industries are facing legal exposure for a lack of accessibility for digital assets, websites, and apps. Without addressing these issues, especially as a new/growing business, violations and lawsuits can mean the difference between success and failure.

What are the benefits of being accessible?

Being accessible means that your website can now be accessed by an entirely new crop of prospective clients. In addition to protecting yourself legally, addressing accessibility can also earn you credits come tax time. On a federal level, the IRS offers the Disabled Tax Credit, which offers credits of 50% of any expenses towards accessibility over $250.